Monday, September 19, 2011

Game Fowl

     Individuals are, or should be, your greatest concern in your Brood pen as they are the most important part of this sport, as should they be inferior, their stags are "whipped" before they enter the pit.

Many people today, favor Roundhead blood bred into their Hatch or Claret families for better fighting improvement.

Roundhead Rooster


Roundhead Hen


I personally favor the Yellow Legged Hatch becouse they improve the breeds when crossed with other breeds by putting intelligence an strength.

Yellow Legged Hatch Rooster

Yellow Legged Hatch Hen

Wingate Brown Reds are fast and great cutters,they break high, shuffle hard, and have more heart you've ever seen in any family.

Brown Red Game Rooster

Brown Red Game Hen

Racey Mugs are great cutting fowl, longed bodied and very fast, and cross good with hatch breeds, there is no family on earth that will out cut them.

Racey Mug Game Rooster

Racey Mug Game Hen